Managing humidity

Due to a variety of factors (cooking, washing, bathing etc.) the air in your apartment can quickly become too humid, which can cause mildew damages, making heating inefficient and make for a poor climate to live in.

Thus, it is important that you take actions to prevent the build up of humidity in your everyday life. Airing out the apartment a couple of times per day – even in winter – will have profound results on both the feel of the place and how efficient the heating is.

1. General tips

Air out the apartment by opening all windows for 5 minutes in the morning and evenings.

If your apartment has ventilation vents – in the walls or in the windows – make sure they are open most of the time.

Contact the janitor or building inspector immediately if mildew or mold forms.

If you smoke it’s especially important to air out several times a day.

Remember that it’s cheaper to heat dry air than it is to heat humid air. There’s money to be saved by airing out – particular during the winter months!

2. The living room

Never completely shut off the heat.

Keep ventilators open.

Don’t place large furniture or cabinets close to outside walls – the air needs to be able to circulate around them in order to prevent the forming of mildew.

3. The bedroom

Air out the bedroom and bedding every morning.

Do not leave the bedroom completely unheated.

4. The kitchen

Never cover or plug ventilation channels.

Use the cooker hood over the stove when cooking.

Put lids on boiling pots and pans during cooking.

Air out during and after cooking.

5. The bathroom

Never plug or cover ventilation channels.

Avoid washing or drying clothes in other rooms – use the bathroom and make sure to air out during and after.

Always air out after bathing.