city apartment

Furnished & Unfurnished Apartments
in Copenhagen

city apartment

Furnished & Unfurnished Apartments
in Copenhagen

Relocating to Denmark?

We know how important it is to have a nice home – especially when relocating to a new country.

latest available

Zip code 2100

Available from 01/01/2022

Butik – Kontor – Undervisning – Erhverv

145 m²


14000 DKK / per. month

Zip code 2700

Available from 15/10/2021

Kontor – Behandlingslokaler – Mødelokaler – Erhverv

72 m²


11500 DKK / per. month

Zip code 1656

Available from 01/01/2022

Kontor – Behandlingslokaler – Mødelokaler – Erhverv

122 m²


14750 DKK / per. month


We value location and know
that our clients do the same


Rent it

1. Choose a listing and contact us
2. Check out the place
3. Sign contract and pay deposit + 1 month’s rent


Move in

4. Walkthrough of apartment
5. Receive keys
6. External suppliers read meters


Move out

7. Written notice and confirmation from City Apartment
8. Walkthrough, meter reading, return of keys
9. Settlement of deposit (4 weeks) and heating (4 months)

it's easy

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions are always the same for all of our apartments. When requesting to lease an aparmtent at City Apartment, we will always require a picture ID in order to make the contract. This is according to the Danish law of money laundering. 

There is a 3 months deposit to be paid along with the first months rent. In total this will be 4 months. 

The contract is minimum 1-year rental, meaning after 9 months you can terminate the lease with a 3 months notice and be out earliest after one year.

 The lease is unlimited, meaning there is no end–date on your contract. It ends when you give your 3 months notice. We have a 3 months termination notice, and always to the first in a month.