Valby apartments for rent

Here you will find all of our available long-term Valby apartments. We offer all tenants a very high level of service and security. The contract is a minimum 1-year rental, meaning after 9 months you can terminate the lease with a 3 months notice. Make sure to check out all of our spacious apartments in Copenhagen. If you have any questions or need help, you are very welcome to contact us.

Feel at home in one of our Valby apartments

When you choose to live in one of our Valby apartments, you can be sure to feel at home right away.

In Valby you and your family will get the best of both worlds. The area is located in the southwestern part of Copenhagen and only a few kilometers from the city centre. The area offers both the opportunity to relax in what feels like quiet streets and parks but also has the pulse of the big city and Copenhagen vibe.

City Apartment offers a large selection of rental apartments in Copenhagen and not only in the area of Valby. Have a look at the other opportunities in the city center, Frederiksberg, Østerbro and many more to find your new home in the right neighborhood for you.

Valby has a lot of great transportation opportunities via bus or train, that all connects at the big nodes and makes it easy to get around town, to the city center of Copenhagen or further away from the city. Copenhagen is known to be the most bicycle friendly city in the world and you can always be sure to get easily from A to B, if you prefer to take the bike for work, events and more.

When living in one of our Valby apartments, you are sure to have everything you need within reach. The neighborhood offers great shopping options regarding grocery stores, health and specialty shops, exotic and ethnic shops, but also design, interior and craft shops and much more. Valby is also the home of Spinderiet, an open shopping mall where you will find everything between fashion shops, cafés, interior, book stores, pharmacies and more.

Available Valby apartments with long term rent

City Apartment offers long term and unlimited rent periods for all of our Valby apartments. Many apartments in Copenhagen only offer a limited lease period, but with long term rent, you can be sure to feel at home and not move around multiple times.

All contracts run at least a year and have a 3 month notice period. If you want to discontinue the lease after one year, you simply just terminate the lease after 9 months.

Our Valby apartments come both furnished and unfurnished, so whether you want to decorate and style the apartment yourself or move right in and feel at home from day one, you can be sure to find the right apartment that fits your needs.