Østerbro apartments for rent

Here you will find all of our available long-term Østerbro apartments for rent. We offer all tenants a very high level of service and security. The lease period is unlimited and the contract has a 3 months notice. Make sure to check out all of our vacant apartments in Copenhagen. If you have any questions or need help, you are very welcome to contact us.

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Explore all of our Østerbro apartments for rent

If you are looking to rent a flat in Copenhagen, where you get the best of both worlds regarding history, big city life, green recreational areas and near the ocean – Østerbro is just right for you.

All of our Østerbro apartments for rent are located in the heart of Østerbro, which is the most northern part of Copenhagen. This area offers great public transportation and you easily get from A to B via train, bus or metro, which all are connected at the large nodes. Since Copenhagen is known as the world’s most bicycle friendly city, you can always take your bike for a ride to and from work and get some fresh air in the meantime.

When you choose to rent one of our Østerbro apartments, you can be sure of great culinary experiences and exceptional recreational areas within the city.

Østerbro is well known for the many great specialty bakeries and cozy cafés. Furthermore, Østerbro has a lot of great restaurants which spans from the great pizza place to the healthy lunch options and the Michelin star restaurant, Geranium.

In your spare time you can enjoy some fresh air at Fælledparken or maybe some delightful sea breeze at Nordhavn, the new part of Østerbro which offers a big harbour, great restaurants and new architecture. You can also enjoy a nice walk at Kastellet, one the best preserved fortifications in Northern Europe, which forms a star formation when seen from above.

Our selection of apartments for rent on Østerbro comes either unfurnished og fully furnished, depending on what you like. So whether you like to decorate the apartment yourself and choose the interior or if you like to feel at home from day one, City Apartment has the right option for you.

Copenhagen long term rentals in Østerbro

With City Apartment you are ensured long term rentals in Copenhagen. All apartments have a 3 month notice period. All of our long term rentals have unlimited lease periods, which makes relocating to Denmark incredibly easy, since you can stay put at one place, instead of moving around multiple times.

Our Copenhagen long term rentals makes it easy for you to appreciate the experiences of Copenhagen, because you only have to use your time on what makes you happy.

Feel at home on Østerbro

Østerbro, or Osterbro as often called by tourists and newcomers, exudes green areas, fresh air and city life at one and the same time. You will have everything within reach and you can enjoy the large selection of great cafes and gourmet bakeries, lovely restaurants, public transportation, green recreational areas, a large variety of shopping opportunities and cultural life and events.

Østerbro is a child friendly neighbourhood where there is room for rest, family time and play. This is why our Østerbro apartments for rent are a great choice if you and your family have children or if you are thinking about getting children in the near future. Please note, that even though you do not have children or if you are single, you should not be intimidated by living on Osterbro. The demographic distribution is relatively equal between singles, couples and families.
Many people call Østerbro a paradise for families and kids because you will have everything within reach, while being a secure area to live in. There are a lot of green areas nearby where there is room for ball games and lots of play, without disturbing other people in the park. You will also find several playgrounds around the district where the kids can use their energy and imagination.

When living in a City Apartment Østerbro apartment for rent you will live close to recreational areas such as Fælledparken, which is located at the heart of Østerbro.
In Fælledparken you can relax and enjoy some fresh air, while enjoying a cup of coffee to go or soaking up the sun. You can also use the park as part of your active spare time, since you can go for a run, play soccer or basketball, among other activities.
If you have planned a special day with the family, you can go for a lovely picnic in the park and visit one of the many playgrounds afterwards.

If you want to live in the calm district of Copenhagen, you can have a look at our available Østerbro apartments for rent. In the case of complete rental, you can use our request form. We will make sure to contact you as soon as we have an available apartment matching your criteria.

Daycare, kindergarten and schools on Østerbro

There are a lot of great schools, daycares and kindergartens on Østerbro and they are all placed evenly around the district. This means that all of our Østerbro apartments for rent are placed near a school or childcare institution.

It is possible to find both public and private schools among all of the schools on Østerbro. It is likewise possible to find an international school, if your child needs to get an education in English or another language other than Danish. Among the international schools you will find Bjørn’s International School, Copenhagen International School and Institut Sankt Joseph.
If you are looking for a private school on Østerbro, you can have a look at Øbro Fri Skole, Østerbro Lilleskole, Bordings Friskole, Krebs’ Skole and Carolineskolen.

When living in a Østerbro apartment for rent from City Apartment you are also located close to childcare institutions such as kindergartens and daycares. It is also possible to find a integrated daycare and kindergarten, so that your child does not have to change childcare institution.
You can find a list and an overview of all the childcare institutions on Østerbro at the Copenhagen municipality website. This is also where you can reserve a spot for your child in the preferred institution.

Cafes and restaurants on Østerbro

When living in one of our many Østerbro apartments for rent, you will also have many nice cafes and restaurants within a short walking distance. Østerbro abounds with great dining opportunities and you are always within reach of a great cup of coffee that you can either enjoy in the cosy settings of the cafe or take it to go and enjoy outside.

An Osterbro cafe often gives many options when it comes to coffee and you will likely be able to choose between different types of coffee, but also different types of milk or plant based alternatives depending on what you prefer.

Like everywhere else it must be expected to see a continuous change in the restaurants. New places will appear, while others move or close.
You can have a look at these restaurants on Osterbro, which all offers great food, quality and service:

  • Karma Sushi
  • Ristorante L’Imperatore
  • Dag H
  • Oluf’s Taverna
  • Madklubben
  • PS Bar og Grill
  • Restaurant Le Saint Jacques

These are some of the best restaurants on Østerbro.

Parking Østerbro

Luckily, there are many parking opportunities when living in an Østerbro apartment for rent from City Apartment. You will often have the option of a resident parking permit when living in the area. People who do not live on Østerbro will have to pay for the time parked.

Østerbro is divided into two different parking zones: blue and yellow. The colours decide the price for parking, which is usually higher the closer you get to the city centre. This means that it is a bit cheaper to park in the outskirts of Østerbro (the yellow zone), than the centre of Østerbro (the blue zone).