Brønshøj apartments for rent

Here you will find all of our available long-term Brønshøj apartments. We offer all tenants a very high level of service and security. The lease period is unlimited and the contract has a 3 months notice. Make sure to check out all of our rental apartments in Copenhagen. If you have any questions or need help, you are very welcome to contact us.

Enjoy living in our Brønshøj apartments

If you are looking for an apartment in Copenhagen, Brønshøj is a great neighbourhood, where you can find everything you need within reach and still be able to get to the city centre in almost no time.

Many of our Brønshøj apartments are to be found on Frederikssundsvej, which is a large and well known street in Copenhagen. The street is a continuation of the very popular Nørrebrogade in the middle of Nørrebro and Frederikssundsvej is a node for a lot of public transportation, mainly busses. Frederikssundsvej offers a lot of shopping possibilities and you can be sure to find everything from grocery stores, cafés, pharmacies, exotic and ethnic speciality stores, nice restaurants and much, much more.

Brønshøj offers the perfect mix of city life and nature and it is a very diverse neighbourhood, spanning between both singles, families with children, elderly couples and a lot of different nationalities and backgrounds.

All of our Brønshøj apartments are near the big recreational area called Utterslev Mose, which offers a fresh breath of air and a well deserved pause in nature settings.

Brønshøj is placed just on the outskirts of Copenhagen and borders on both Husum, the popular Vanløse and the cozy Frederiksberg. The location of Brønshøj makes it easy and quick to get from A to B and you can be in the centre of Copenhagen within 15-20 minutes by bus. As you probably already know, Copenhagen is the world’s most bicycle friendly city and you can always be sure to be within bike distance of the city centre, if you choose one of our Brønshøj apartments.

Brønshøj apartments with long term rent

City Apartment offers long term rent for our apartments in Brønshøj. The opportunity for long term rent makes sure that you can feel at home and focus on the things that matters the most to you, instead of moving around multiple times during your time in Denmark. The long term rent also makes it easy for you to find the right apartment for your family without compromising on your desires, if you are moving to Denmark permanently or for several years. Take your time and find what’s right for you

Live in Brønshøj

When you choose to live in one of our Brønshøj apartments, you can look forward to having everything within reach. You are exactly in the middle of the city but near several green recreational areas, nature, shopping, restaurants and cafes.
Take a stroll through the neighbourhood or go for a picnic in one of the many small parks. Even though Brønshøj is centrally located, you are still able to take a deep breath, unwind and avoid all of the noise from the busy streets of Copenhagen.

Utterslev mose is a large bog that reaches all the way from Brønshøj to the north-west of Copenhagen and Emdrup. Here, you will find that nature grows (almost) freely. There are plenty of small paths through all of the trees and along the water, where the nice fresh air can be enjoyed and the peace and quiet are not interrupted by the noise of the traffic.

When choosing to settle in one of our Brønshøj apartments you can look forward to being close to public transportation, which will get you to either the city centre or out of the city.
If you own a car, note that you will have easy access to Frederikssundsvej, which connects to other big roads.

Schools, daycare institutions and kindergartens in Brønshøj

When you choose to live in one of our Brønshøj apartments there is plenty of room for the family’s youngest members. You might already have a child or children, or maybe you and your partner are thinking about expanding the family. No matter your family’s situation, you will find great options for childcare institutions and schools in the area.

If you are looking for a daycare institution in Brønshøj, you will find that they are spread evenly across the neighbourhood. Please note that many of the smaller institutions have a waiting list, so if you want your child to attend one of these, you should consider applying as soon as possible.
When choosing a childcare institution, you will have a choice between independent and combined institutions. The latter is when a daycare institution and a kindergarten share location which can make the transfer feeling more secure for the child.
There is a predominantly large percentage of the daycare institutions that are a part of the combined daycare and kindergarten institutions.

When your child reaches the kindergarten age and it is time to find a great kindergarten, you will find many options in the area of Brønshøj.
Just like the daycare institutions, you will find that most of the kindergartens in Brønshøj are part of a combined institution.

When applying for a spot in the preferred institution, you should be aware that this is done by visiting the website of Copenhagen municipality.

Schools are also spread evenly across the area of Brønshøj.
Amongst the schools in Brønshøj you will find:

  • Bellahøj Skole
  • Husum Skole
  • Tingbjerg Skole
  • Korsager Skole
  • Brønshøj Skole

If you wish for your child to attend a private school, you will find that Den Lille Skole offers grades 0 to 6.

Find the best Brønshøj restaurant and cafe

Brønshøj is a neighbourhood where multiple nationalities are represented which also shows in the many restaurant options.
When living in our Brønshøj apartments you will be within walking distance of grocery shopping, but if you are in a hurry or maybe just do not feel like being in the kitchen, you will find plenty of options nearby. Whether you like pizza, burger, kebab, a healthy salad or Danish and international specialties, you will find a Brønshøj restaurant that offers exactly that.

You will also find plenty of cafes in Brønshøj. A Brønshøj cafe is usually a small pearl hidden on one of the nearby streets and can easily be a new favourite when looking for a fresh and hot cup of coffee Sunday morning or on your way home from work. You will have the choice of enjoying your coffee to stay or to go, depending on the weather, mood and plans.

Parking in Brønshøj

Brønshøj is not divided into parking zones like the rest of Copenhagen. This means that there is not a single parking fee in the whole area, but it depends on the exact parking spot.
Make sure to check the parking signs whenever you park your car to avoid a fine.

Some areas in Brønshøj offer free parking the first hour. When parking in one of these areas this information is available at the nearest parking sign.

When living in one of our Brønshøj apartments it is often possible to get a resident parking permit through the Copenhagen municipality.