Brønshøj apartments for rent

Here you will find all of our available long-term Brønshøj apartments. We offer all tenants a very high level of service and security. The lease period is unlimited and the contract has a 3 months notice. Make sure to check out all of our rental apartments in Copenhagen. If you have any questions or need help, you are very welcome to contact us.

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Enjoy living in our Brønshøj apartments

If you are looking for an apartment in Copenhagen, Brønshøj is a great neighbourhood, where you can find everything you need within reach and still be able to get to the city centre in almost no time.

Many of our Brønshøj apartments are to be found on Frederikssundsvej, which is a large and well known street in Copenhagen. The street is a continuation of the very popular Nørrebrogade in the middle of Nørrebro and Frederikssundsvej is a node for a lot of public transportation, mainly busses. Frederikssundsvej offers a lot of shopping possibilities and you can be sure to find everything from grocery stores, cafés, pharmacies, exotic and ethnic speciality stores, nice restaurants and much, much more.

Brønshøj offers the perfect mix of city life and nature and it is a very diverse neighbourhood, spanning between both singles, families with children, elderly couples and a lot of different nationalities and backgrounds.

All of our Brønshøj apartments are near the big recreational area called Utterslev Mose, which offers a fresh breath of air and a well deserved pause in nature settings.

Brønshøj is placed just on the outskirts of Copenhagen and borders on both Husum, the popular Vanløse and the cozy Frederiksberg. The location of Brønshøj makes it easy and quick to get from A to B and you can be in the centre of Copenhagen within 15-20 minutes by bus. As you probably already know, Copenhagen is the world’s most bicycle friendly city and you can always be sure to be within bike distance of the city centre, if you choose one of our Brønshøj apartments.

Brønshøj apartments with long term rent

City Apartment offers long term rent for our apartments in Brønshøj. The opportunity for long term rent makes sure that you can feel at home and focus on the things that matters the most to you, instead of moving around multiple times during your time in Denmark. The long term rent also makes it easy for you to find the right apartment for your family without compromising on your desires, if you are moving to Denmark permanently or for several years. Take your time and find what’s right for you