Vesterbro apartments for rent

Here you will find our available long-term Vesterbro apartments for rent. We offer all tenants a very high level of service and security. The lease period is unlimited and the contract has a 3 months notice. Make sure to check out all of our vacant Copenhagen apartments. If you have any questions or need help, you are very welcome to contact us.

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Our Vesterbro apartments - a place to call home

The last couple of years Vesterbro has become a very popular neighborhood to live in and it is only getting more desired by the day. We have a large selection of available Copenhagen apartments and you can find your new home in Vesterbro, Copenhagen city center, Amager, Østerbro and many more lovely neighbourhoods.

When you choose to live in one of our Vesterbro apartments, you will live in a great neighborhood that has experienced a huge elevation and growth the last couple of years and today it is a highly coveted area to live in. Vesterbro is in the heart of Copenhagen and you will feel the pulse and big city vibe in the streets. When the need of nature scenery, a fresh breath of air and some well deserved time off announces its arrival, you are within walking or bike distance to Enghave Parken, Vestre Kirkegård and the Copenhagen harbour.

Living in a Vesterbro apartment you are always close to restaurants, cafés and other culinary experiences. Vesterbro is booming, when it comes to filling your stomach and heart with great food, such as fine dining, healthy lunch options, special dishes from all over the world, exceptional bakeries and more. Explore the well known and very popular Kødbyen which offers a great variety of restaurants and bars and is a desired place to let down your hair and enjoy some time with family and friends.

In Vesterbro there are a lot of opportunities to spend some time out and about. You can e.g. visit Øksnehallen, which often has beautiful art and cultural exhibitions or events, or DGI Byen that offers bowling, sports activities, events and much more.

All of our available Vesterbro apartments are close to public transportation, which all connect at the big nodes. Copenhagen Central Station is one of the biggest stations in Denmark and almost every train either goes through or has this station as its final stop.

Vesterbro apartments with long term rent and high service and security

City Apartment offers long term rent and unlimited lease for all of our Vesterbro apartments. All leases have an unlimited contract and a 3 month notice period.

Service and security is incredibly important to us and our service staff makes routine visits to every building to ensure that they comply with our high standards.

Living in Vesterbro

When you choose to live in one of our Vesterbro apartments, you can look forward to being close to everything that the heart desires. You will have the pulsating life of the city, you will have lovely green recreational areas where you can relax and enjoy your time off, you will have good shopping options, public transportation and last, but not least, you will have all of the nice Vesterbro restaurants within a short distance.

Vesterbro is also known as København V (or Copenhagen V). Through the last couple of years, Vesterbro has experienced a huge renaissance and is now known as one of the coolest areas in all of Copenhagen. This applies to both attractions, restaurants, cafes and as a place to live.
Vesterbo is formerly known as a “red light district” and a working class-neighbourhood, but is far away from that perception today. Today, you should not be worried about settling down in one of our Vesterbro apartments for rent and the area offers a homely feeling.
As mentioned, Vesterbro is now known to be one of the coolest areas in Copenhagen and back in 2014 the area was number 4 on Thillist’s Top 10 list of the coolest places to live. In short, you should definitely live in Vesterbro if you like to stay updated on the latest trends and actively use the city.

Vesterbro is centrally located in Copenhagen. The area starts right behind Copenhagen Central Station, which is the biggest junction of public transportation in all of Copenhagen. The central station allows you to travel by bus, train and metro all over the country and Sweden in a matter of a short time.
Besides the many options for public transportation, you also have the opportunity to go by bike, when you choose to live in a Vesterbro apartment for rent from City Apartment. The bike is the primary transportation in Copenhagen because it allows you to travel across the city faster.

Vesterbrogade runs from Copenhagen Central Station all the way through Vesterbro. It is a busy street but there is room for everyone. You will find cafes, bars, shopping, groceries, designer shops, vintage stores and other gems here and there on the street and the adjacent streets.

Besides the many shopping opportunities you will also find a lot of small art galleries, such as Galleri Bo Bjerggaard and V1 Gallery, and historical monuments like the enormous elephant statues at the Carlsberg brewery. Here you can also enjoy a guided tour and beer tastings.
Our Vesterbro apartments are a great choice if you like to spend time in the city and everything it offers.

Schools and childcare institutions in Vesterbro

There are many great childcare institutions and schools in the Vesterbro neighbourhood, so if you have children you can move to Vesterbro with peace of mind.

If you have a small child, it is easy to find a nursery in the area. There are many nurseries in Vesterbro but most of them are combined nurseries and kindergartens, which means that they are both under the same roof.
The combined institutions of nurseries and kindergartens also means that there are about the same number of each in Vesterbro, but there are still some individual kindergartens around.

The biggest advantage of the combined nurseries and kindergartens in Vesterbro is that they are so easily accessible. The child does not have to start over in a new institution, but stays in the same place as it has already become a safe environment with new friendships.

Even though Vesterbro is located right in the middle of the big city, it is also possible to find a lot of schools in the area. Most of the schools in Vesterbro are spread evenly across the neighbourhood, which means that there will always be a school nearby your new Vesterbro apartment.
If you want your child to attend a private school, you can have a look at these:

  • Børneuniversitetet
  • Mariendalfriskole

It is also possible to find an international school in Vesterbro, called European School Copenhagen.

You will always find a nice Vesterbro restaurant

If you choose to live in one of our Vesterbro apartments and you enjoy eating out at restaurants, you are in heaven. Vesterbro is known for the many restaurants and Kødbyen (The Meatpacking District) is a must if you enjoy high quality food and great service. Vesterbro offers a world tour through different cuisines and you will find everything between the Nordic cuisine and international cuisines.
Some of the best restaurants in Vesterbro are located in Kødbyen. Have a look at these Vesterbro restaurants:

  • Gorilla
  • El Barrio
  • Hija de Sanchez
  • Kødbyens Fiskebar
  • Magasasa
  • Mother
  • Noho
  • Paté Paté
  • Warpigs

Even though Kødbyen is a popular place to eat out due to the many restaurants, you should also visit Værnedamsvej. This is a cosy street with many different restaurants, primarily French cuisine, and it is a true paradise with gourmet, bistro and specialty stores filled with wine and great food.

Of course you will also find a great Vesterbro cafe. Many of the cafes in Vesterbro offer specialty coffee and interesting brewing methods, so that you can fully enjoy the aromas and taste.

Parking Vesterbro

Vesterbro is centrally located in Copenhagen and therefore it can be quite difficult to find a parking spot from time to time (primarily during rush hour). Please note that it is not impossible though.

Vesterbro is divided into two different parking zones: green and blue. It is much cheaper to park in the blue zone rather than the green zone, but both zones are paid parking.

Parking in Vesterbro is more easy in the large parking garages, like Europark P-hus, Matthæusgade P-hus and DGI Byens parkeringshus.

When living in one of our Vesterbro apartments, you can apply for a parking permit on the Copenhagen municipality website.