Glostrup apartments for rent

At City Apartment, we can assist you in finding the perfect Glostrup apartment that suits the wishes and dreams you have for the home that you will call your own. With a Glostrup apartment through us, the process becomes as easy as possible so you can quickly feel at home. View the available Glostrup apartments below.

Zip code 2600

Available from 15/05/2024

Newly painted 4 room apartment with balcony 

125 m²


15000 DKK / per. month

Our Glostrup apartments - where architecture and recreational areas are within reach

Glostrup is a district in the Copenhagen area, located about 10 km from the centre of Copenhagen. Glostrup is known for its industrial areas and for having great connections to both train and bus.

But the city has much more to offer. With a rental property in Glostrup, you will have a range of sights and areas within reach, including:

  • The old water tower
  • Parks
  • Glostrup Church (and other beautiful churches)
  • Monuments and statues

You will also have a number of cosy cafes with delicious food and drinks within a short bike ride distance.

If you want to move closer to the centre of Copenhagen, you can also find other spacious apartments in Copenhagen with City Apartment.

Glostrup apartments - live in a city with a lot of history

Glostrup has around 23,000 inhabitants in 2023 but is also a city that goes back more than 825 years in history.

The city was first mentioned in history in the years 1186 and 1197 as Glostorp and originally consisted of the districts Hvissinge, Ejby, and Avedøre.

Since then, the city’s development has taken off, and many have been captivated by the city’s long history, which has resulted in a tenfold increase in the population from the 20th century to today.

If Glostrup is the city for your new home, then choose your rental apartment in Glostrup through City Apartment. You can take a look at the apartments we have available at the moment, and if you find the right one, we will assist you through the entire process and ensure that it is as easy as possible.

No matter which of our apartments in Glostrup you have fallen for, we ensure that they are in good condition and that the security is in order with our secure lock system.

Find your rental property in Glostrup through City Apartment

When you find your new apartment in Glostrup, we advise that you take a walk around the area so you can really get a feel for the city and if it should be the place you call home.

We continually update our selection of apartments, so keep a close eye on this page. It could be that your dream rental apartment in Glostrup is through City Apartment. You can also sign up for a housing agent with us. Our housing agent will do the groundwork for you and contact you if we find an apartment in Glostrup that suits your dreams and wishes.

If you have fallen for a Glostrup apartment from City Apartment, then book a viewing, so you can see the property and get a sense of the area before you decide.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us on tel. +45 7033 0100 or email – or use our form, which is available under ‘Contact’.

We look forward to helping you find a home in Glostrup.