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Cleaning washing machine

Cleaning the washing machine is extremely important if you want the machine to fully function and last for several years. Washing machine maintenance should be done regularly, and fortunately it is far less complicated than most people think. Simple tasks make a huge difference.

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Cleaning washing machine - a guide

There are several places in the washing machine that need regular cleaning so that the machine works optimally and your clothes are clean. Below, you can find short and simple guides to the places that are most often overlooked.

When you need to clean the filter in the washing machine, it is important that you place a towel or tea towel below, as water may come out.

  • Locate the filter
  • Place a towel or tea towel underneath to protect the floor
  • Unscrew the filter. Use pliers to loosen, if stuck
  • Take out the filter
  • Clean the filter by throwing away any grime into the bin and rinse the filter with water
  • Screw the filter back in

Soap drawer
Washing machine maintenance also includes the soap drawer itself. Many people think that this particular place is not necessary, since it is soap, but mould and accumulation of soap residue often occur.

  • Take out the soap drawer
  • Rinse the soap drawer with water.
  • Use a sponge for cleaning if the soap residue is difficult to get off
  • Wipe the soap dispenser dry
  • Put the drawer back in

Cleaning washing machine
Even if you wash your clothes in the washing machine, it still benefits from a cleaning every now and then. We often wash at lower temperatures, which does not dissolve all the dirt, grime and soap that remains in the machine. As part of your washing machine maintenance, you can advantageously put a wash over without any contents. Preferably at 60 degrees, so that the machine is cleaned effectively.

Cleaning washing machine is just one thing in the home that should be done regularly. See more guides for apartment maintenance.

Why cleaning washing machine and maintenance is extremely important

When you ensure good maintenance of the washing machine, you also prolong the life of the machine. Dirt, grime, soap residue and fibres from the clothes clog the machine’s filter and machine parts, and can result in a breakdown.

Washing machine maintenance also helps to actually clean your clothes, towels, bed linen, etc. properly. If there is a lot of dirt, grime and fibres left in the machine, this will continue to be present wash after wash, which ultimately results in poor cleaning.
Fortunately, washing machine maintenance is not so time-consuming, but gives you a big advantage in efficiency.

1. Cleaning the filter:
2. Cleaning the dispenser
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