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Changing a light bulb

Changing a light bulb is extremely useful for when the inevitable accident happens and the room gets completely dark. Fortunately, it is not as difficult as many people think. Become an expert in changing a light bulb and know everything important for when it’s time to change a bulb with these tips.

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Changing a light bulb and why it’s important

Knowing how to change a bulb in your home is very important. It’s a common part of the regular apartment maintenance.

There is no general timeframe for when changing a light bulb becomes relevant. A light bulb has to be replaced when it stops working even though it is placed correctly in the lamp and the switch is on. Changing a light bulb is also relevant if a technical error occurs.

  • There are a lot of different types of light bulbs and it’s important to know which one fits in your lamp. Usually, you’ll find a number on the side of the light bulb. Make sure that this number matches on the new bulb.
  • Have a small supply of light bulbs at home.
  • Turn off the power when changing a light bulb! This reduces the risk of getting electrical shock.
  • Righty tighty – lefty loosey. A great rule of thumb when changing a light bulb.

Guide for changing a light bulb

This guide will demonstrate how to change a bulb in a ceiling lamp with a glass dome, as seen in the pictures. It is important to point out the difference between changing a light bulb in different types of lamps. You may not have to unscrew a glass dome, but remove a lamp shade instead.

  1. Turn off the electricity in your home! You only need to switch off the relevant group to which the lamp belongs to. If the lamp has a plug, it is only necessary to remove the plug from the socket.
  2. Unscrew the small screws on the sides of the glass dome. Make sure to put them somewhere safe, where they won’t get lost.
  3. Carefully remove the glass dome and place it on a towel or cloth on a flat surface.
  4. Remove the old light bulb. Remember; righty tighty – lefty loosey.
  5. Take the new light bulb and place it in the lamp.
  6. Take the glass dome and remember to have the small screws from step 2 nearby.
  7. Screw the screws back in to secure the glass dome.
  8. Switch the power back on or place the plug in the socket and use the switch to test the new bulb.
  9. Success!
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