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Cleaning shower drain

Cleaning shower drain is a tedious but quite necessary thing to do regularly. Fortunately, it is a simple and easy task. The drains in the shower have a built-in filter that collects the dirt and grime that otherwise clog the pipes. The filter must be emptied periodically to ensure the water flow.

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How to clean the shower drain

Daily use of the sink, shower etc. results in the accumulation of soap, hair, makeup, creams and much more, all of which help clog the drain. If the drain is not cleaned for a while it will result in unpleasant odours or the drain not working optimally. Fortunately, you can remedy these problems by cleaning shower drain regularly.

When you choose to live in a home from City Apartment, you can be sure that the drains installed are easy to clean. Here, you do not need any special tools or spend unnecessary time or effort cleaning the drains.

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Cleaning shower drain step by step

Cleaning the sink and shower drain is something that needs to be done, but which we rarely remember to do. Cleaning the drain should preferably be carried out at least once a month. Cleaning shower drain is fortunately quite simple.

We do not recommend using drain cleaner or caustic soda to clean the drains, as this is harmful to the environment and is a corrosive liquid. Use boiling water instead.

Cleaning shower drain
The drain in the shower has a built-in filter that collects soap residue, hairs etc.
This filter can easily be cleaned using these few steps:

  • Unscrew the shower grate
  • Unfasten the filter
  • Clean the filter and discard the contents in the bin
  • Rinse the filter and put it back in
  • Fasten the shower grate again

Cleaning the drain in the sink

  • Remove debris from the drain as far down as possible. Use a sponge or a brush and cleaning agent
  • Clean the plug
    If the drain is blocked, empty the trap. The trap is the curved piece of pipe under the sink and can be unscrewed with common tools.
  • Make sure to tighten the trap again after cleaning
  • Rinse the drain afterwards with boiling water
1. Remove the screws with a screwdriver
2. Remove the grating
3. Remove the filter
4. Empty the filter
5. Replace filter and screw grating back on
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